Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket Kitty Airways Playset

The Polly Pocket Kitty Airways Playset is ready for take-off! With two micro dolls and 19 accessories, imaginations are sure to soar sky high. The adorable kitty plane exterior opens to a multi-level aircraft! Play pilot, passenger, or both! Dolls can stow luggage in one of the overhead bins and take a seat by the window or use the restroom. Buckle up the fun is about to begin! Serve drinks and treats from the snack cart just like a real plane! It's a party in the main cabin - dolls and pet kitten can perform on the spinning stage before heading to baggage claim. When it's time to run, fold it up for on-the-go fun! Ideal for ages four years old and up. colours and decorations may vary.

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